Three simple reasons to “Veg”

FlowieProfileThe 3 reasons we “Veg”… (go Vegan or Vegetarian) is for the love of
Animals, the Earth & our own Health.  Our desire to explore or maintain a plant-based diet is driven mainly by these factors.

Veg for Animals: Most people want to see animals happy, right?  Yet most folks turn a blind eye to the misery & suffering of factory farmed animals. Countless books, videos & movies have been created for the public to gain a greater understanding of this, yet people, only a click away from the truth, can’t bear it, don’t care or won’t let themselves understand the truth.  For the sake of other sentient beings, please do your research.

Veg for Earth: The single most destructive force on the planet today is big animal agriculture. Cattle ranching & big dairy are the top destroyers. Vast amounts of H2O, grain, land & fuel is needed to keep meat & dairy production running.  Simply reducing your meat & dairy intake or better yet, going Vegan will drastically & positively impact our planet…more than anything else you can do.  Meatless/milkless = environmentalist!

Veg for your Health: Humans desire longevity & vitality, right? We are what we eat, yes? Knowing the ill effects of meat based diets isn’t enough for some people to switch to a plant based diet. For some, meat &  traditions are ingrained in culture, habits & even masculinity. (Have you seen the Tofu-mocking ads during football games?)  Some folks can’t believe you can be healthy without meat. Science has bucked that theory. We now know that meat has been proven, carcinogenic, also hard on your heart, colon & vital organs.  The new food pyramids contain little (some zero) meat. Again, people have the power to search for this info, but do they want to?

If you care about these three items & more, will you consider a path to less meat consumption?  If you are vegetarian, can you consider vegan?  If you are vegan, help others understand, through example, kindness & caring.  Let’s all do our part & GO VEG!