Veg Info and References

  Vegan References
 Films, documentaries & short clips:
 * Fresh The Movie
 * Eating Our Way to Extinction
 * Forks Over Knives
 * Cowspiracy
 * Seaspiracy
 * Earthlings (Try trailer 1st, emotional)
 * Have We Been Lied To? (Easy to watch, animation)
 * DAIRY IS SCARY! Industry explained 5 mins (cursing) 
 Books, Magazines:
 * The China Study (updated version)
 * Diet For a New America (25th anniversary edition)
 * The Joyful Vegan
 * Veg News… (My fave magazine! Upbeat!)
 * Google: best vegan books..So many!
 * (find vegan/veg restaurants)
 * (Hosted by yours truly!)
 * (Great for recipes)
 * (So informative!)
 * (Has a counter to show in real 
   how many animals die per second for food.)
 * (Undercover investigating)
 * (Compassionate Action for 
   Animal’s site. They do Twin Cities Veg Fest 
   annually + other events/dine-outs.

All of these references are just examples of what’s out there in the world
of Veganism. Check out any of these, online they will lead you to more &
more info. Veganism is growing at an extremely rapid pace! 🙂